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ROAD CLOSURES (click to view details)

The four major works schemes in Killingholme at present are:

Network Rail

East field Rd which ends on the 21st may
East Halton Rd which is two manned lights from 11th Feb to 22nd May which will then close until 10 Sept.

Abel Uk

Rosper Rd/Chase hill which is two way traffic lights Jan 7th to March 1st this could possibly end 22 Feb

Balfour Beatty

East field road 7th Jan to 5th Apr


Numerous roads for resurfacing, dates worked around other contractors trying to work collaboratively to reduce traffic management.

The reason we have allowed Network rail to install lights on East Halton Rd whilst East field is closed is because of an unexpected delay due to a high pressure water main being found and the need for a 1000 tonne crane that is now required,of which there is only four in the country.

They need to start the preparation works on East Halton road so a delay is prevented on the end dates to move the freight on the lines.

This has had a knock on effect to the coordination of works in the area. We have had numerous meetings with AMCO, Balfours and Abel UK to try and maintain a useable highway for vehicles and hauliers. As you can appreciate the area is highly trafficked with a large industrial area which sees a large amount of vehicles on a daily basis.

We can only coordinate the network with dates provided at the out set of the works by the contractors.

As you mention congestion is increased dramatically when an RTC occurs, but we cannot for see these events.

All of the above works carry significant weight in there own right to the improvement and growth of Killingholme and I would have been hard pushed to refuse any one of them.

I will have my inspector monitor the works and the area closely to try and keep disruption to a minimum. I appreciate the frustration of the local community and will endeavour to maintain as much highway as possible.


Tuesday 15th January 10:30

Saturday 16th March 14:00

Wednesday 15th May 13:30

Tuesday 16th July 18:30

Wednesday 18th September 10:00

Saturday 16th November 11:30


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To make an enquiry or to book the village hall in North Killingholme

please contact the Booking Officer:

Heather Jackson

16a St Crispins Close, North Killingholme

Tel: 01469 540761


Email: action.nk@btinternet.com

Contact: Gary Soulsby

Mobile: 07909 815992

(Please note that the phone is not monitored constantly but is regularly checked and calls will be returned as soon as possible.)

Please contact the neighbourhood watch coordinator to obtain a form to register your interest in this group and further details will be provided following registration.

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